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Kite school

The Kite School Navene, is based in Malcesine in Lake Garda. For us, teaching kitesurfing is not only a profession but a real passion.

wind of Lake Garda

The ‘ra’ is the wind that blows on the lake coming from the south, from the Po Valley, in an almost identical direction but opposite to that of the Pelér. test test like no or like when

beach Bar

Our ‘beach bar’ is a very special place where the rules that guide our lives every day are not necessarily valid. Stay in costume, on a deckchair in the sun to break the stress of work.

Our story

Garda Lake kite center was born from the passion for the Wind after being one of the founders of the kite club

We have been teaching kitesurfing on lake garda for 16 years now. We go out in the morning with the wind from the north and the afternoon with the south wind the departure of the navete shuttle lift is 7.30 oppre at 13.00

Il Pelér

The Pelér ripples the surface of the lake from the north of Riva del Garda, with direction from north-northeast to south-southwest, contrary to that of the Hour. It starts at night, and runs out around 11 o’clock when the Hour blows.

L’Òra del Garda o benaco

The Ora is the thermal wind of lake garda that blows every day especially in spring and summer coming from the south, from the Po Valley, in an almost identical direction but opposite to that of the Pelér. .

Il Balì

The Balì is a wind that comes from the north, from the Ballino Valley, beyond Riva del Garda, and sometimes descends from the Brenta group. It blows mainly in winter, bringing nice, cool and dry weather.

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my name is Alessandroio I started a new adventure, that of teaching and transmitting my passion for kitesurfing a truly fantastic sport. I consider myself very lucky to practice it in what in my opinion is one of the most beautiful and characteristic spots in Italy: Malcesine Lake Garda . This is where my corner of paradise is: kitesurfing in this dreamy location between the garda lake and the slopes of Mount Baldo.  In this pearl of the North of Lake Garda which is my home spot is also home the school of which I am part, the Kite Center GArda lake .


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