Kitesurfing lesson


Kitesurfing lesson

The lesson includes:
– 1 theorethical class at the beach with practical instructions which can be basic or advanced according to the student level
– 1 lessons in the water, for a total of about 3 hours (depending on the wind conditions)
– group lessons with a maximum of 2 students (same level)
– all the technical equipment required
– boat service with an instructor

The kitesurfing lessons will take place in the morning with the wind blowing from the north or in the afternoon with the wind from the south.


Kitesurfing lessons.  KITE CENTER GARDA LAKE will provide you all the equipment including modern kites and bars, kiteboards, helmets, life jackets, booties, harness and everything you might need. The course covers the following topics: self rescue, upwind board recovery, kite mastery, safety techniques, power strokes, waterstarts, getting longer rides, upwind riding, transitions, toe side riding and transitions and many more!