kite-lift assisted


We were the first on Lake Garda to organize the “lift ” service , also known as … assisting in the operations of preparation and take-off: the kite is inflated .

If the beach is too crowded, the wind too light or too gusty, you don’t feel comfortable with starting from the beach or you just simply want to surf in the area with the best wind conditions, we provide a lift service that takes you there in a really short time. Our boats will be always available to assist you and to re-lunch you and your kite if the wind’s condition changes



assisted kitesurf lift .

Reach the point of the lake with more wind as quick as possible. Your kite will be inflated by a compressor, and you will be ready to surf. If the wind stops or changes during your surf session one of our boats will pick you up and bring to the new point where the wind shifted. Once the wind stops you will get another lift to the beach.