3 day Kitesurfing lessons


    • Kitesurfing lessons

      This package includes three lessons for beginners.

      If you are really interested in learning how to kitesurf, this package is the best and fastest way to gain your first skills with the kite.

      All three lesson lasts about two hours each, for a total of six hours. All lessons are in the water with an instructor who will follow you, giving you good tips. All the equipment is provided by our staff.

      Here is the schedule of the three KITE lessons:

      1: First approach to the kite, understanding how it works (2 hrs into the water + theoretical lesson at the beach)

      2: First fundamental approach to the board (2 hrs into the water).

      3: Gain your first surfing skills (2 hrs into the water)


If you are looking for a place to learn how to kite the kitecentergardalake in Malcesine is the place that fits you. Our lessons offer everything a beginner needs; equipment, detailed explanation and a reliable help from our staff. Also the perfect conditions that the Garda Lake offers will help you! Believe me or not you will be able to kite after a few lessons.