2 day Kitesurfing lessons


Kitesurfing lessons all inclusive

The kite courses lasting more than two hours will take place in the morning with the wind from the north or the afternoon with the wind from the south.
They must take place on agreed days, otherwise the lesson will be lost.We provide a kite level certificate at the end of kitesurfing courses.
Payment: the course must be paid on the first day of class.

The course includes theory and practical instruction, with 2 lessons in the water, for a total of about 5\6  hours.
Group lessons with a maximum of 2\3 students.
For the duration of the course, the school will provide all the equipment and a boat service with a teacher.
The cost of the course ALL INCLUSIVE


Kitesurfing lessons all inclusive

Highlights    – one persone Kiteboarding rental Serenity environment Kitesurf in Lake Garda Well-experienced instructor Skill level basic Styles Kitesurfing with instruction in English The organizer also speaks: French, German Italian, Russian The maximum participants in the group is 2\3 .