The kitesurfing of Kitecentergardalake in Malcesine is the place that fits you.
Our lessons offer everything a beginner needs; equipment, detailed explanation and a reliable help from our staff.
The Garda Lake offers will help you! Believe me or not you will be able to kite after a few lessons.
The wind blesses us all year long, the best conditions for kiteboarding or kitesurfing at the GARDA LAKE are FROM MARCH till NOVEMBER.

The kite course

These lessons will guide you to achieve a full autonomy in the water with the kite!

The first classes focus on both theory and practice. You will learn how to obtain a completely control of your equipment and you will be able to manage every situation in and out of the water. Through learning the correct control of the kite you will gain confidence in your kite style and in yourself as well.

All the instructions that a beginners needs are provided by our staff who will follow you step by step.

TOPICS OF THE COURSE: theory, safety, kite flying, re-launching, bodysurfing, water and theory starting in early trials.

The course consists in 3 lessons in the water with the kyte (approximately 2 hrs each) plus theoretic lessons out of the water.

If you work hard enough you might be able to start surfing with just these few lessons. Basic Lessons are available with a personal instructor or in groups.