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change of direction with kitesurfing

For the traditional change of direction, the one without jibe, just go upwind to the maximum in the direction in which you are going, this will lead us to slow down until it almost stops (in this way you will be facilitated in the change of direction, and you will not be pulled forward or up from the kite as in a jump); at this point the wing is reversed, simultaneously reversing the balance of the weight of your feet on the board.If instead of the traditional change of direction you want to jibe (change direction without stopping by drawing a perfect and fluid curve) you have to start bearing away (go in the same direction). direction of the kite then in the same direction of the wind) until you are in a stern gait, at this point switch to back gait (as you give your back to the kite) and if you want to continue like this or with a nice 180 ° table return to normal pace.

In doing this, you have to make sure that the movement of the board and that of the wing are synchronized but it is only a matter of training. feet (it’s exactly the opposite of normal gait!) Try … try and try again … in the end you will have a lot of fun jibing … especially on the waves !!

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  1. Alan Baskerville

    Hi I am visiting lake Garda in august with my children who would like to have a beginners kite boarding session. We are only able to commit to one day so was wondering if you had any lessons that would suit. I would like them to experience being in the water as well as practicing on land.
    Many thanks

    1. Alessandro

      ciao Alan , we reply to your email

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