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Water flat. – Freshwater

Accommodation directly on the spot.

More than 320 days of wind per year.

Hotel – Apartments – super cheap Campgrounds.

Season from March to November.

start now with the theory of kite surfing online. Is included in the package Basic kitesurf

Here the Basics to learn Kitesurfing

You will receive a voucher of 30 eu. for the basic package.


If you are looking for a place to learn how to kite the kitecentergardalake in Malcesine is the place that fits you. Our lessons offer everything a beginner needs; equipment, detailed explanation and a reliable help from our staff. Also the perfect conditions that the Garda Lake offers will help you! Believe me or not you will be able to kite after a few lessons.

The wind blesses us all year long. We do kitesurf 12 months per year in the GARDA LAKE. If you have the proper gear you can kitesurf all year long. However the best conditions for kiteboarding or kitesurfing at the GARDA LAKE are FROM MARCH till NOVEMBER.



Our kite center is also specialized in ADVANCED kiteboarding lessons. Anything you want to learn: tricks, jumps, new kite skills, wave riding, hydro foiling and much more. Our team will provide you all the support you need, either with lessons out of the water and tips while you’re surfing!

We also offer private lessons for each levels and also exits during winter!




if you are not ready to start surfing from the beach yet

if the wind on the beach is weather too light or gusty

if the beach is too crowded

if you want to surf free without many people around


Only passion and curiosity are the guides of innovation




The Snowkiting is a winter sport where the kiter use a kite that drags him toward snowy flat lands, slopes and frozen lakes. If you would like to join this new and entertaining sport get more info on this website!


New KITE Shopping Centre

From kites to boards we have what you need at amazingly low prices. These kites and boards range from like new to used, but if they are the right size, then the price is definitely right. From NORTH , and many more… check out these deals.



Kite Doctor

Kite center in Garda lake find a repair center for your sailing and kite Boards. You only have to trim your kite surfing repair or test, learn the revival or the use of particular techniques, our team will find the right solution for you assisting you with the utmost professionalism and competence.


KITE RENTAL If you do not have the equipment, you just finished the course, you’re on vacation or for any reason, here you can find the answer to your problem kite on the garda, we kite Brand North kiteboarding first overall in the world, top of the range.



We Kite Bar Banana, invite you to discover the peace and tranquility of the beach, where you can relax in your break Kite, equipped with all services.


Kite CAMP IN Cumbuco Brazil KITE CENTER GARDA LAKE organizes for you a Kite Camp in Brazil. November-December IN Cumbuco in Brazil.
Cauipe LAGUN. COME JOIN US. WHERE: CUMBUCO BRAZIL KITESURFING CAMP PACKAGE DETAILS: Accommodation at SEXTAQUADRA.IT where we will organize fantastic downwinders with buggy. If required, we can offer whole kiteboarding gear for the week. And All courses are open to all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)


The “PELÈR” blows from North during the first twelve hours of the day, involving a large part of the Garda Lake. It usually starts blowing from 2 or 3 am until 11 or 12 am. First it affects the northern and central part of the lake, afterwards the entire surface till sunset time. It is a strong wind that forms waves and increase its intensity during the summer. This wind can reach the speed of 13 m/s, and even more!

The wind “ORA” blows from South. It’s well known within surfers and sailors from all over the world. It usually starts blowing around 12/ 1 pm until sunset. The Ora achieves its maximum intensity in Malcesine Garda lake thanks to the geographic conformation of the territory which causes the Venturi effect. This particular condition guarantees an higher wind’s speed, and perfect condition for kitesurfing.

BOARD Twin tip

BOARD Twin tip
Today the boards used in most kitesurfing

BOARD Racing

BOARD Racing
Boards are for racing kitesurfing

KITE hydrofoil

KITE hydrofoil
They are Boards for kiting in light winds and increasingly in regattas


Directional boards Surf used to ride waves with kite.


Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Nick Scarpetta
MY SPOT! PASSION SCHOOL!” 5 su 5 stelleRecensito il 26 ottobre 2015 Questo è senza alcuna ombra di dubbio il miglior spot della parte veronese! Ultimo lido per praticare Kite (in trentino è vietato) personale preparatissimo e simpaticissimo, ottimo livello di insegnamento in quanto si percepisce la passione per lo sport da parte degli insegnanti! Materiali sempre dell'anno in corso! Si esce la mattina presto con il Peler oppure dopo pranzo con la Ora! Quando si rientra finchè si aspet
Fabio Marinelli
Great spot, great team, great services and top material!
Marta_Cana Mantova, Italia
“Competenti e professionali” 4 su 5 stelleRecensito il 14 giugno 2013 Sono ormai 4 anni che mio marito frequenta questo centro kite. Offre non solo lezioni per tutti i livelli, sia private che collettive, ma anche la possibilità di acquistare i lift, singoli o a pacchetto di 10 uscite. Prezzi abbastanza nella norma. Dispone di servizio di rimessaggio, diversi gommoni per le uscite, noleggio attrezzatura e di spiaggia dove poter 'parcheggiare' consorti & co. Si trova in località Navene,
Aziz Essalhine
Ottima scuola grande alessandro
Maurizio Socco
Esperienza da vendere, professionalità, ottima attrezzatura. Posto spelendido dove imparare in sicurezza la tecnica senza lo stress e senza i vincoli tipici delle lezioni al mare (ingresso e uscita in acqua, problema onde, attenzione al fondale, presenza di troppi kiters -esperti e no- nelle vicinanze, etc ... ). Il lago permette di concentrarti maggiormente sulla confidenza con il "sentire" gli elementi e il kite, fattore che a livello piscologico, soprattutto per chi è alle prime armi, può

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