Why Improve Your Kiteboarding Skills with kitecentergardalake?

Kitecentergardalake.com  has been teaching Kiteboarding Lessons every season since 2000.

We invite you to see what our customers say about us on our Testimonials page. We enjoy exclusive kiteboarding lesson teaching rights of the best beach locations in the Lake Garda– Navene Beach – malcesine – capo Remoal , Pier – . Learn at these ideal beginner and intermediate locations where you will come back to practice on your own.

We have many instructors working with us and are always hiring new ones! Our instructors are certified by the International Kiteboarding  (FIV-ICO – )


Lake Garda is a beautiful holiday, sport and beaches destination. The beaches on the Northern part of Lake Garda are free and public. Especially here in Navene the beaches are perfect for who wants to relax and enjoy clean and fresh water. After your kite session you can have a break with your friends and family, dive and suntan. The beaches of Lake Garda offer a lot of bar, pizzerias and restaurants. Everything to give you an amazing experience!

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We recommend anyone curious about Kiteboarding to do the one-day “Discover kiteboarding” class. You can check out the sport and get an overview of everything from the skills to the gear. You can see how the sport feels for you. After your first session you will be able to get a concept of the sport and how much training you may want to take, then if you like it you can always upgrade to a longer course.!!

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2. ADVANCE LESSON  kitesurf

I don’t know if I’ve experienced a more magical feeling on the water than when I rode away from my own front-roll downloop transition nearly two years later. Give yourself the chance to experience that feeling. By taking a lesson, there’s no reason you can’t actualize that thing, whatever it was, that got you dreaming in the first place.



SHUTTLE service

  • if you still are not ready to go to the beach
  • if the wind on the beach, light or gusty
  • if the beach is too crowded
  • if you want to surf without many people around
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Welcome to Snowkiting! These courses will get you well on your way to being an independent snowkiter. By combining both our progressive level I and Level II lesson plans, you can be snowkiting on your own and have all the fresh snow to yourself. Our goal as professional snowkite instructors is for you to become a safe and independent snowkiter. These lessons will give you all the fundamental tools needed for snowkiting success


Kitesurf School on Lake Garda


The oldest student we have taught is 73

Kiteboarding lessons can be adapted to just about anyone. We will take into consideration that age and fitness level of a student and recommend a specific lesson program for the individual. Older students will need to take some more time, and some extra lessons to learn. It is quite uncommon for anyone over 65 to take lessons. But most students are in the 35-55 year old category. We will train the body as well as the mind. Usually the more active seniors that are already doing other sports, are the ones that will be able to do kiteboarding. It really depends on the persons fitness and health being appropriate for the activity. Many seniors today do regular exercise and even yoga. Age is just a number, but all students should be realistic about their expectations, and fully disclose any medical conditions or problems that could affect their ability to safely participate in kiteboarding activities.

The minimum age we were allowed to teach was 12years old.



Absolutely, Kiteboarding is a technical sport with a steep learning curve. Like scuba diving, or flying a paraglider, you don’t want to take unnecessary risks while learning. Many of the techniques are counterintuitive, and are best learned in a lesson. Because of the huge forces involved you do not want to make costly mistakes. Lessons shorten your learning time and keep you much safer in the process.


Is kiteboarding difficult to learn?

Learning to kiteboard is easier than ever before. We have been teaching kiteboarding now for over twelve years, and it just keeps getting better and better. Our new equipment and new training techniques have made the learning process fun and rewarding . It only requires a modest investment of time and money to get into the sport. This combined with a little patience and motivation is all it takes to be a kiteboarder. Compared to other water/wind-sports kiteboarding is relatively easy to learn. The learning curve compared to windsurfing is faster, and the kiteboarder will be more advanced after their first year. Kiteboarding is harder to learn than wakeboarding, because it is more technical. Remember that Kiteboarding is like learning two sports, Board riding, and kite flying. Kiteboarding is getting easier to learn each year, and is now available to a wider demographic of participants.  


Always take a lesson from a certified Instructor. Not all instructors are the same. More than half of all kiteboarding instructors have never received formal training. They put the guesswork back into kiteboarding. The best lesson will come from an experienced and certified instructor that has been professionally trained. There are a network of official schools that offer the best level of professional service. These have been trained in many aspects of safety and teaching protocols and have a proven teaching system. You would not go to an unlicensed doctor for surgery, or a self taught scuba instructor to get training. (Some schools and instructors just say they are certified when they are not). Don’t just take their word for it, check out their credentials first. It pays to do your homework and seek out the best instructors possible. Your life is literally in their hands. Do not be tempted to go for a few dollars cheaper lesson to save a few bucks. The certified Instructor has made a big investment in training, certification, and always carries insurance. They are definitely worth every cent when it comes to your safety training

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Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Nick Scarpetta
MY SPOT! PASSION SCHOOL!” 5 su 5 stelleRecensito il 26 ottobre 2015 Questo è senza alcuna ombra di dubbio il miglior spot della parte veronese! Ultimo lido per praticare Kite (in trentino è vietato) personale preparatissimo e simpaticissimo, ottimo livello di insegnamento in quanto si percepisce la passione per lo sport da parte degli insegnanti! Materiali sempre dell'anno in corso! Si esce la mattina presto con il Peler oppure dopo pranzo con la Ora! Quando si rientra finchè si aspet
Fabio Marinelli
Great spot, great team, great services and top material!
Marta_Cana Mantova, Italia
“Competenti e professionali” 4 su 5 stelleRecensito il 14 giugno 2013 Sono ormai 4 anni che mio marito frequenta questo centro kite. Offre non solo lezioni per tutti i livelli, sia private che collettive, ma anche la possibilità di acquistare i lift, singoli o a pacchetto di 10 uscite. Prezzi abbastanza nella norma. Dispone di servizio di rimessaggio, diversi gommoni per le uscite, noleggio attrezzatura e di spiaggia dove poter 'parcheggiare' consorti & co. Si trova in località Navene,
Aziz Essalhine
Ottima scuola grande alessandro
Maurizio Socco
Esperienza da vendere, professionalità, ottima attrezzatura. Posto spelendido dove imparare in sicurezza la tecnica senza lo stress e senza i vincoli tipici delle lezioni al mare (ingresso e uscita in acqua, problema onde, attenzione al fondale, presenza di troppi kiters -esperti e no- nelle vicinanze, etc ... ). Il lago permette di concentrarti maggiormente sulla confidenza con il "sentire" gli elementi e il kite, fattore che a livello piscologico, soprattutto per chi è alle prime armi, può